Surge Protection

Protect your expensive electronics.

Each year it is estimated that surges cause $26 billion in lost time, repairs and equipment.

Surge protection at the meter

Installed at the line-side of the main electrical service entrance, this device protects the home against external transient surges that enter through the home’s service entrance.

Surge protection at the panel

A surge protection device installed in the main panel will divert the initial spike in voltage to ground and away from the electrical system. The device is mounted to the load side of the panel and serves to protect your home against residual external power disturbances and internally generated power surges.

Surge Protection at the device

Point-of-use surge strips are the last line of defense against surges and your sensitive electronics are plugged into this strip. Keep in mind that a surge protection strip is not to be confused with a power bar which is essentially an extension cord with extra outlets.

A surge is a momentary spike in voltage that can compromise and destroy the electronic equipment in your home.

Spikes can range from hundreds to thousands of volts, but damage occurs when the spike is above an appliance's normal operating voltage.

80% of surges happen inside the house. The most common incidents happen when using heavy duty electrical devices like space heaters, fridges and air conditioners.

20% of surges can be attributed to external factors such as lightning strikes and disturbance due to utility switching.

Birnie HOME SAFE offers Whole Home Surge Protection, a comprehensive system that ensures that all possible entry points are monitored and subsequently prevent the occurrence of a surge.

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