Smoke Alarms


Smoke Alarms Save Lives and Birnie HOME SAFE makes sure your alarms are working safely and to code.

Here's the truth:

The majority of fatal home fires happen at night, when you’re asleep and the smell of smoke is not enough to wake a sleeping person, this is why smoke alarms are so vital to our safety. In fact, it’s the law to have working and sufficient smoke alarms in our homes.


The beeping noise omitted by your smoke alarms, in the presence of smoke, gives you time to escape and reduce your risk of dying in a residential fire.

Working smoke alarms increase your likelihood of surviving a fire by 74%

You have under three minutes to escape a fire.

*Kidde – Canada’s Leading Manufacturer of Smoke Alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and other life safety products.

Our Safety Program:

At the initial visit by a fully licensed and trained electrician you can expect the following:

  • Perform an inspection of the smoke alarms (check date, expiry)
  • Check the functionality of alarms
  • Ensure that the alarms are placed in the correct locations throughout the home and make recommendations for additional alarms –if needed.


Upon completion the licensed electrical contractor will review some additional offerings to enhance the safety of your home:

  • Smoke alarms (different types and models)
  • CO alarms
  • Propane alarms
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Escape ladders


Why Hire Birnie Home Safe to Check your Smoke Alarms?

When life’s a blur, how do you know if your smoke alarms are safe and installed in the right place? Birnie HOME SAFE takes care of the guess work and keeps your smoke alarms up to date.

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Please note existing electrical issues or hazards, in the home, may warrant the need of a full-day electrical inspection with subsequent repairs.