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The First step to an electrically safe home is a FREE no-fee assessment.

Our preliminary assessment is educational in nature. Its purpose is to help you understand your home’s electrical system. During this initial consultation, an Electrical Solutions Advisor will review some of your concerns and advise if your home possesses potential electrical hazards. You may opt for a comprehensive Electrical Risk Assessment (ERA) inspection, if issues are identified.

Don’t ignore the warning signs:

You live in an older home (20 years+)

You’ve had renovations performed

You’ve never had an electrical inspection

You have aluminum or knob-and- tube wiring

Your breakers trip or fuses blow, lights dim or bulbs burn out

Burning smell coming from your outlets or switches

Your outlets don’t work or don’t hold plugs

Outlets or switches are warm to the touch

Our no-fee assessment is available to all residents who are interested in protecting their homes from electrical hazards. If you live in an older home, a home with aluminum wiring, knob and tube wiring or a home that is experiencing electrical issues, consider taking advantage of this free service.

The ERA system prevents fires by giving licensed electricians the training, tools, technology and support needed to complete a thorough electrical safety inspection.

Almost 50 percent of house fires are electrical in nature but the good news is that they are preventable with the right education. We know that overtime the electrical systems in our homes will degrade. If not maintained or replaced, your degraded and worn wires can create fire conditions. With today’s increasing electrical load your wires are more susceptible then they were when your home was first built. The only way to know if your home poses a fire risk is with a preliminary assessment. There is no cost or no obligation for this first visit.

Birnie Home Safe services most of the GTA. Register below and an associate will follow up with you and advise if you are out of our service area.

Sign up below for our no-fee assessment. This is the first step in ensuring an electrical safe home. Eradicating electrical fires starts with you and we thank you for taking the important step of clicking this page.

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Please note existing electrical issues or hazards, in the home, may warrant the need of a full-day electrical inspection with subsequent repairs.