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Home Safety Questions

You are not mandated to replace it.
HOME SAFE can perform comprehensive testing to identify the integrity of the fused panel.
If the fused panel shows signs of problems or fatigue you can choose to repair it or replace it.
If no problems are detected and minor adjustments are made to verify that the operation is safe and correct, you may choose to continue maintaining the existing panel and not replace it.

First, we need to verify that you have no wiring conditions affecting your electric utility costs.
After testing, we can offer additional energy saving ideas that work specifically for your home.
Consider replacing standard incandescent lamps with low wattage, long life fluorescent lamps.
Install timers or photo-cell controls for outside lights.

First we will verify that the code violation will not cause an immediate electrical fire or shock hazard.
Code violations don't always mean an electrical fire is imminent.
Many code violations are more of a shock hazard than a fire hazard. After our complete testing and verification is completed, if left alone and undisturbed for a brief time, the risk of fire is minimal.
We will provide you with options to repair or replace the code violation.