Electrical Inspection

Our specially trained licensed electricians use state of the art technology to identify potential dangers lurking behind your walls. At the end of the day, our experts take time to review their findings with you. We often discover issues that pose imminent danger. In these cases we will either repair or make the issue safe as part of the process.

Quick Facts:

  • 99% of homes have electrical defects that pose potential hazards
  • 30% have serious ‘Call the fire department’ defects
  • 40% contain dangerous shock hazards
  • 61% have inadequate, expired or non-existent smoke alarms

*Statistics taken from Birnie HOME SAFE Electrical Risk Assessment inspections in hundreds of GTA homes.

What is an ERA?

An Electrical Risk Assessment (ERA) is a non-invasive way to test and diagnose your electrical system.

Since we can’t always see what dangers are lurking behind our walls, we don’t think twice about our home’s electrical safety. If the lights turn on and the appliances work, why worry?

Forty per cent of residential fires in Canada are electrical in nature – that's a reason to worry.

The good news? Electrical fires are preventable.

How Does the ERA Prevent Fires?

The ERA system prevents fires by giving licensed electricians the training, tools, technology and support needed to complete a thorough electrical safety inspection.

WHO needs an ERA service?

  • Homeowners with older homes (30 years old +)
  • Homeowners with aluminum or ‘knob and tube’ wiring
  • Homeowners experiencing any warning signs of faulty electrical

What are the warning signs of faulty electrical?

  • Lights that flicker or dim
  • Fuses that blow or breakers that trip
  • Aluminum or ‘knob and tube’ wiring
  • Outlets and switches that are warm to the touch or don’t work
  • Light switches that make a crackling or buzzing sound
  • A burning smell coming from your outlets or switches
  • Light bulbs that burn out quickly
  • Your home has had multiple homeowners or renovations

Five Reasons why you need an ERA?

  1. Peace of Mind: If your house has an electrical problem, wouldn’t you want to know about it? It’s not like our homes have alarms or detectors that warn us when the electrical starts to go awry. However, with time these things will start to break down and the ERA system is one of the easiest and safest ways to figure out what’s going on behind your walls. Our licensed electrician will identify any hazards or concerns that could put you at risk of an electrical fire.
  2. Performed by a Licensed Electrician: This isn’t a DIY kind of project; leave the electrical to someone who knows what they’re doing. Birnie’s licensed electricians are specially trained and certified which means that they’re experts in assessing electrical risk. They check homes day-in and day-out so if there’s a problem with an electrical socket or a fixture, chances are they’ve seen it a 101 times before and are able to fix it. This is a full day service and the electrician will inspect, test and evaluate all the electrical system components in your home. There’s no guessing.
  3. State of the Art Testing Equipment: Without having to tear down your walls, a licensed electrician will use detection-specific tools and systems that will locate any concealed electrical problems. In implementing thermo-graphic, infrared and ultrasonic technologies, among other electrical testing tools, the licensed electrician isn’t just looking for burned out bulbs or flickering lights, they’re listening for any disruptions, they’re reading the temperature of your sockets and panels to identify any dangerous conditions.
  4. Fire Prevention: This ERA reduces the risk of an electrical fire through prevention and education. The licensed electrician will check every outlet, every switch and every fixture in your home for any signs of an electrical hazard. They’ll make sure your circuits aren’t overloaded; advise if there are any flammable items too close to your appliances and outlets and check your fire alarm and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they’re working. They will also check for tattered, frayed or worn wires. The goal is to spot a problem right away before it escalates.
  5. Comprehensive Report: There’s a difference between telling you what the problem is and showing you what the problem is. At the end of your ERA inspection, the licensed electrician provides the homeowner with a comprehensive report depicting what was performed, what recommendations were made and what items require immediate attention. This report is an educational tool used to teach homeowners about the state of the electrical system. This gives homeowners peace of mind by knowing if their electrical system is safe or unsafe and how we will tackle any problems.


How do I get started?

Birnie HOME SAFE offers a preliminary no-fee assessment to determine if your home is right for this service.