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  There’s a certain charm in owning an older home but according to Birnie Home Safe, a residential electrical contractor, these residences can harbor dangerous electrical hazards. “We know that older homes were built under different standards than they are today,” says John Flanagan General Manager of Birnie Home Safe. “Over time the electrical degrade,

A visit to the George Hull Centre

Thursday, 15 February 2018 by
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  Birnie Home Safe was asked to perform electrical upgrades in an Etobicoke mental health centre as a way to help patients feel comfortable during treatment sessions. “We were approached by Interior Designer, Jane Lockhart, to volunteer our time and expertise to perform some electrical upgrades at the George Hull Centre in Etobicoke which is
Last month the Port Credit Lighthouse, in Mississauga, was given a facelift and Birnie Home Safe was there to shine some light on the project.  Birnie Home Safe, a Mississauga-based, Licensed Electrical Contractor, was asked to install new Lumenpulse LED lights as a way to commemorate and celebrate important events throughout the year.  “Port Credit
  Do you have an emergency kit in your car? The promise of winter also brings the promise heavy snowfall, bitter cold, and slippery roads and for these reasons drivers are urged to keep emergency vehicle kits in their cars.      No one ever needs an emergency kit until they do. And the day