The promise of warm weather also brings the promise of home renovations but is your electrical system first on that to-do list? An electrical inspection should be performed in the springtime explains Tom Phillips, an electrician with Birnie Home Safe. He believes that the winter weather takes a toll on a home’s electrical -more so
RECALL ALERT: Health Canada recalls 40,000 smoke alarms that may not detect smoke. This recall involves two Kidde dual-sensor models: models: P12010CA and P19010CA. The alarms were sold in Canada between November 2016 and January 2018. THE ISSUE: The models have a yellow cap over one of the two smoke sensors, which means the product

Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives

Wednesday, 21 March 2018 by
    Birnie Home Safe says your smoke alarm is arguably the most important safety device in your home. But according to the Mississauga-based electrical contractor, it is estimated that 61% of homes in the Greater Toronto Area have inadequate, non-existing or non-functioning smoke alarms. “This is a big problem,” says John Flanagan General Manager
When replacing a light bulb didn’t fix the flickering light fixture in Sergio Morelli’s living room, the Toronto resident enlisted the help of Birnie Home Safe. Birnie Home Safe is a Licensed Electrical Contractor based in Mississauga. The residential contractor says many homes, especially older ones, are riddled with electrical hazards and residents are unaware.