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    A quick Google search and you’ll find hundreds of electrical contractors all claiming to be the best. But you’ll have to sift through a sea of search results to find the Licensed Electrical Contractor (LEC) that really is the best for you and your particular electrical issue.  Since you’re already on our website
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When the summer heat hits, here are some important safety tips to remember:  1) Never leave children or pets in your vehicle even if it’s for a short period of time- – the inside of a car can quickly reach temperatures of 120 degrees. 2) Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. Avoid drinks with
  When the summer heat hits the fan, there’s nothing more satisfying than cranking up the AC but Birnie Home Safe says that if you’re using a Portable Air Conditioner (PAC) to stay cool, make sure this device is plugged into a dedicated circuit or else you’ll really heat things up around the house.  The Mississauga-based
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Birnie Home Safe, a Mississauga-based electrical contractor, says electrical fires are on the rise. “We know that more than 50% of house fires are electrical in nature the good news is that they are preventable with the right education,” says John Flanagan. Flanagan is the General Manager of Birnie Home Safe, a licensed electrical contractor that services