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Why does my outlet spark when I plug something in? -   Have you ever seen a blue-spark illuminate your outlet after plugging something in? Chances are you have, but you shouldn’t just ignore that spark because overtime that small-blue light can pose a serious fire risk. According to Steven Flanagan, a licensed and trained electrician from Birnie CurrentSAFE, “sparking is a precursor to fire. The

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A Burlington Ontario couple had an electrical fire in their 20-year-old townhouse. They called Birnie CurrentSAFE to inspect the home's electrical system, what we found will shock you.

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Why do I need an EHD?

Electricity is the most powerful force in our homes. Because it’s hidden behind the walls, we seldom know about hazards until it is too late. Our expert technicians use highly specialized equipment to look behind the walls of your home, uncovering potential hazards before they endanger you and your family.
Did you know?
  • 40% or residential fires are electrical – all are preventable.
  • 99% of home have electrical defects that pose potential hazards.
  • 30% of homes have serious (“call the fire department”) hazards.
  • 40% contain dangerous shock hazards.
  • 61% have inadequate smoke alarms.

Partnering With Area Fire Departments For Home Safety

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