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If your home has an electrical hazard, don't you want to know about it?

Birnie CurrentSAFE looks behind the walls to identify hazards before they become an emergency. Learn more..

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“I thanked my lucky stars I heard about Birnie CurrentSAFE!”

  • “When I read about a tragic fire recently that took the lives of a whole family, I thanked my lucky stars I heard about Birnie CurrentSAFE.”
    Liz Campbell
  • “I wouldn’t buy a house again without a BIRNIE CurrentSAFE inspection.”
    Liz Campbell

If your home has an electrical problem, wouldn’t you want to know?

Electricity is the most powerful force in our homes. Because it’s hidden behind the walls, we seldom know about hazards until it is too late.

Birnie CurrentSAFE, an innovative home Electrical Hazards Detection (EHD) inspection program, has changed all that – it’s like an MRI for your home!


  • Our expert technicians use highly specialized equipment to look behind the walls of your home, uncovering potential hazards before they endanger you and your family.


  • We are the only company qualified to provide this service in southern Ontario.
Quick Facts
40% of residential fires are electrical – all are preventable
99% of homes have electrical defects that pose potential hazards
30% have serious (‘call the fire department’) defects
40% contain dangerous shock hazards
61% have inadequate smoke alarms