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    What should you do in the event of a house flood?

      When Ryan Sutton’s second floor ensuite flooded he knew he had to call Birnie CurrentSAFE to check his electrical. “I didn’t want an average run of the mill contractor doing the inspection and repair work that CurrentSafe specializes in,” Sutton says. The Burlington native heard about the Licensed Electrical Contractor (LEC), thr...

In The News

On September 29th Birnie Electric was awaded the prestigious Consumer Home and Safety Award from the Electrical Safety Authority. Meet the team who prompted this win.

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Why do I need an EHD?

Electricity is the most powerful force in our homes. Because it’s hidden behind the walls, we seldom know about hazards until it is too late. Our expert technicians use highly specialized equipment to look behind the walls of your home, uncovering potential hazards before they endanger you and your family.
Did you know?

  • 40% or residential fires are electrical – all are preventable.
  • 99% of home have electrical defects that pose potential hazards.
  • 30% of homes have serious (“call the fire department”) hazards.
  • 40% contain dangerous shock hazards.
  • 61% have inadequate smoke alarms.

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